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David Gore Graham

Motivational Speaker on Health and Wellbeing


David wellbeing matters

....With nearly 200 people in attendance at the WA Alexander State Library, David spoke with eloquence, enthusiasm and a sense of urgency that his work commands.  His message for the world right now has never been more relevant and the response I received from my audience still stands as arguably the most inspiring talk I have held in the history of my events.

I would highly recommend David to anyone considering availing themselves of his talents and would be more then happy to discuss this further should you require any additional information....

Darrell Brown, Director. Awakening Events. www.awakeningevents.net.

Key Points about David Gore Graham
  1. Brilliant speaker and established author.
  2. Approaches health as a scientist and engineer.
  3. Understands the causes of the health epidemic we face today.
  4. Presents a solution to the problem entitled “The Ten Pillars of Radiant Health”.
  5. Presentations can have the:
    1. Content tailored to the audience.
    2. Duration tailored to the audience.

David Gore Graham, is the author of Wellbeing Matters – A Personal Guide to Radiant Health and Wellbeing , has been gifted with a brilliant and curious mind that led him to become a scientist and engineer. In his professional life he turned his attention to computer software where he became a leading expert in the field of Software Architecture and Design, becoming a well-respected lecturer and practitioner on the subject. When asked his major skill, he replies without hesitation that it is the ability to understand complex issues and in turn make them easily comprehensible, relevant and exciting to others.

In recent years he has turned his attention to health and wellbeing issues. Observing that there are more doctors and medical facilities per capita than ever before, yet, in spite of this, there are more and more people suffering from degenerative diseases of all types and emotional issues. This led to the writing of his book Wellbeing Matters, where he clearly documented what is required for any person to live with Radiant Health and Wellbeing and avoid the misery of the degenerative disease. He draws on his own transformational journey from chronic physical, emotional and spiritual suffering to complete health and wellbeing today. He shares his profound understanding of the process required to heal the body, mind and spirit, he has created a comprehensive groundbreaking step-by-step, deeply inspirational guide. Through self-revelation, real-world examples, exercises and recommendations, his message is “if I can do it so can you!”


For more information or to book David: email: davidggraham@gmail.com, Tel: +61 8 9385-3728


Excellence in Presentation!

Some of the comments made by attendees in presentations by David Gore Graham have been: 

  • David is a brilliant teacher
  • David's knowledge is outstanding 
  • The presenter did an excellent job
  • What expert knowledge he has!
  • Good speaker, clear, concise answers
  •  David made the event more fun than "real" work   
  • Great presenter!
  • Very knowledgeable, researched answers if he could not answer them right away, very helpful, well spoken    
  • Presenter was excellent. I have taken many courses on programming languages and David Gore Graham is the best instructor I have ever had. He is definitely an expert on the subject.
  • Overall this is one of the best presentations I have attended since joining Nortel and probably the best presenter that I have ever encountered
  • David is probably the best instructor I have run across
  • Best Presenter ever
  • Mr. Graham is perhaps the best instructor I have had for any course at Fannie Mae

Actual reviews available for inspection.