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Praise for Wellbeing Matters

We recently attended a seminar presented by Awakening Events to listen to guest speaker David Gore Graham BSc; author of Wellbeing Matters - A Personal Guide to Radiant Health and Wellbeing. We loved the seminar so much we wanted to let you know about his amazing work.

David, previously a scientist and engineer, is now a health counselor, life coach and mediator. His wisdom is drawn from experience and his personal quest for radiant health. In our opinion, David’s book Wellbeing Matters is absolutely the best resource anyone can have that dispels old myths and provides relevant and important up-to-date information on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. It is easy to read and easy to apply in your daily life.

If you are going to read one book this year on health, then this is it. We recommend it to everyone, clients and staff included! We have copies available to borrow or buy.

Dr Jessica Underwood, Innate Wisdom Wellness Centre, Perth, WA


I just love everything about it your book. I have been searching for answers and a book like this for the past 4 years.... and now here I have my own copy. Once again. Congratulations! Thank you for awakening my spirit with your book! It is my new found bible. I will be sharing it with everyone I meet. Debbie Gibson, School Teacher, Hamilton Hill, WA


Oh my God.... your book is just so amazing....    I don't mean to talk you up too much, but I'd have to say it is the best book regarding nutrition, wellbeing etc.. that I've read.... and believe me, I've read many. You've written it in a way that has it all making so much sense. When you relate our habits with those of history, it makes us all look rather silly the way we live our lives these days, and the amount people in our population that are obese and affected by disease etc.

I still haven't quite finished it, but my god.... I'm enjoying it thoroughly.
Megan, Bank Manager, Perth 


As life would have it I was offered the task of editing Wellbeing Matters for David and Inge, and whilst relishing the task ahead, I had no reason to expect the experience would be the incredibly life changing and timely gift that it was! Most particularly Parts III and IV, Emotional and Spiritual Health, had a profoundly exciting and revelationary affect on my life. As a long time seeker of personal peace, this one quality had always evaded me, no matter which methodology, religion or system of personal growth I investigated and practiced.

So what sets this book apart from my readings, practices and knowledge of the past? The jewels in it are these:

  1. Through the detailed description of the mind and its workings, I understand, for the first time in my life, why I have not found the personal peace I long for.
  2. The tools (exercises and practices) to free the mind and attain this peace are clearly laid out with detailed instructions.
  3. Everything in the book is borne out by David and Inge’s personal experience, and as such I garnered a personal trust. This is the missing link between the desire for peace and the attainment of peace. The realization that such freedom is not just possible for the chosen few, but is available right now for our benefit if we truly want self-realisation.
  4. After reading and living with the material in the book for some time, I had one Breathe and Heal session with Inge, and in it I tasted something sweetly divine, in my physical body, and my emotional life − the blissful taste of freedom from the tyranny of the mind. This freedom arose naturally, immediately after the session, and walks with me effortlessly, ten days later. I fully intend to avail myself of more Breathe and Heal sessions, whenever I can, knowing intuitively that this is the jewel I have been searching for from a very young age. Life is short, too short to waste on anything but this blissful freedom.

I cannot urge you enough to take this wonderful opportunity and dive deeply into the knowledge David and Inge are sharing in Wellbeing Matters, and bring it into your own life. The rewards are immediate and self−sustaining!

Pam Forward, Designer, Margaret River, WA.


Seldom do I come across a book that is written with such obvious passion for the reader’s welfare. The embedded message on every page is: You can do it! You can actually heal your life! I have come to love breathing as a constant friend by reading this book. I am so blessed to know David in person and know that he walks his talk, that he writes from his heart and that he knows what he is talking about.

Carla van Raay, author of God’s Callgirl and facilitator. www.carlavanraay.com


David Gore Graham's book teaches us how to live each day mindfully - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

He has walked the talk of his teachers and his own wisdom. Now, with this book, he talks , sharing the struggles of his walk and their joyful outcome, as he walks on.

While the primary and secondary research is rich with authority, the tone of this book is warm and inviting rather than demanding. David cares about where we humans are heading. He invites us to participate in what he has experienced as the necessities for a healthy, peaceful and gratifying journey, in ways we can all achieve.

There are often important and surprising facts which illustrate where our lives can go off-track in this book. The author's soundly based suggestions, which make it clear where and how we can find a better road, ring with illuminating truth. Many examples and stories make statements and propositions easy to understand. And the few graphs make understanding effortless.

With teachers such as David to guide us, our lives and the planet will make it to the place where we all want to be and live.

It seems to me that you could do no better than keep this book by you for the rest of your life.

Luceille Hanley, Counsellor and Writer.