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Newsletter Article Archive

Homeopathy – A Viable Alternative to Conventional Medicine? - December 23rd 2009

The practice of Homeopathy has proven a very effective healing modality since its discovery in the early 1800s. It is low cost and without side effects. Why then is it being attacked by being described by "a belief in Homeopathy exceeds the tolerance of an open mind". Read more about how homeopathy could be a part of your healthcare regime.

A Society of Hypochondriacs - 12th December 2009

A few days ago I was browsing in a 2nd hand book store and in a book promoting natural health from the 1980’s I found a photocopied article from Time Magazine of June 18th 1990 by Norman Cousins who was on the medical faculty of UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles). Who photocopied it I know not. However, it is even more relevant, and to a wider audience today, than it was when it was written. I reproduce it here in full.

Vitamin D and the Healthcare System - December 10th 2009

More on vitamin D. The world is begriming to wake up to its effectiveness. The latest research shows that adequate levels of Vitamin D in the population as a whole would dramatically lower the healthcare cost. However, I discuss whetehr this is in the interests of the the medical professionand make recommendations are made on how you can further improve your health using vitamin D.

Kicking the Antidepressants Habit and the Placebo Effect - September 17th 2009

Antidepressant drugs are currently the most prescribed pharmaceutical drug, yet studies show that they are no better than a placebo. As these drugs are very damaging to your body, does it not make sense to use alternative treatments for depression? In this article I suggest seven steps that will reduce your depression more effectively than antidepressants and will leave you healthier with more money in the bank.

The Autism Explosion – and What You Need to Know About It! - September 12th 2009

In the last 25 years the rate of autism in children has increased from 1 in 100,000 births to 1 in 55 births.This is is absolutely staggering to me! It does not have to be this way as this is clearly a result of our modern lifestyle and you can take the steps described in this article to minimize your child's risk. If you or anyone you know is planning to have a child, is already pregnant, or has a young child they need to read this article.

Is Vitamin D missing from your life? - September 9th 2009

Since economic Vitamin D testing became available a few years ago, the medical profession has realized that the levels of Vitamin D considered necessary for radiant health are much higher than had been previously thought. The previous suggested dose has been increased four fold. Most people (up to 90%) have Vitamin D levels that are abysmally low. This applies even to those who live in sunny locations. As Vitamin D helps prevent and heal more than 30 diseases from cancer, cardiovascular disease, to infections such as cold and flu, the question to ask yourself is: Am I getting enough?

Don't Let Yourself be Vaccinated for Swine Flu. - August 17th 2009

Although swine flu has been declared a pandemic, the effects of catching swine flu are relatively mild and recovery is swift. However, the vaccine being developed for swine flu, as well as being unnecessary, is dangerous to your health. Read why this is so.

The Importance of Maintaining the Acid/Alkali Balance. - August 17th 2009

I was recently asked why I do not stress the importance of the acid/alkali balance in the body more in my talks. I do consider it essential. The wholesome and healthy diet I recommend will naturally balance your acid/alkali with no need for special practices.

Cholesterol Lowering Foods – Correct Approach but the Wrong Focus! - July 29th 2009

There are foods that will naturally reduce your cholesterol. However research shows us that cholesterol is not the problem and is only an indicator that something else is wrong with your metabolism. This is what needs to be addressed.

Insulin Resistance – Are you Heading for a Premature Death? - July 29th, 2009

Our modern diet based on the accepted food pyramid, with its emphasis on significant intake of non-fibrous carbohydrates, is slowly killing us. Is it affecting you? How can you tell and what can you do to prevent it?

Not All Forms Of Omega-3 Are Equal. - July 21st, 2009

I discovered recently that the accepted way of getting enough Omega-3 in your diet, which reduces the inflammation in your body, without using animal products is insufficient, and that you really do need a fish based solution.

The benefits of natural deep breathing.

We are mostly chronic shallow breathers and do not get enough oxygen in our systems. Understand the significant benefits that come about when we learn to breathe deeply and fully all the time.

Breathing naturally and deeply.

Learn how to breathe naturally and deeply.

The effects of chronic shallow breathing.

Shallow breathing, which is normal for most of us, is dangerous for our health. Breathe and be alive!

Epigenetics (the biology of belief).

This is a summary of Bruce Lipton's work illustrating how our unconscious beliefs affect the expression of our genes and thus the health of our cells.